Account Features Free Plus   Educator  
Image, Video, Text Slides Yes Yes Yes
Form Slides No Yes Yes
Max. Number of Slides 24 100 100
Max. Per Slide Audio Recording Time 1/2 minute 1 minute 1 minute
Max. Per Slide Audio Upload File Size 2 MB 3 MB 3 MB
Max. Background Audio Recording Time 2 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes
Max. Background Audio Upload File Size 3 MB 6 MB 6 MB
Available Slide Background Styles 12 36 and more to come 36 and more to come
Available Transition Styles 1 6 and more to come 6 and more to come
New Feature Availability Limited Immediate Immediate
Advertisements Yes No No
Create and Manage Student Accounts * No No Yes
Subscription Fee ** $0 $2.99 / mo. or $30 / yr. $4.99 / mo. or $50 / yr.

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* Student accounts have the full features of Plus membership with the exception of being protected from the rest of the community. With teachers' permission, students can switch their accounts to regular accounts.
** Subject to change. Free to try for 30 days! Educator membership fee is per 50 student accounts. Each additional 50 student account adds $4.99 / mo or $50 / yr.
** All accounts are free till we finish our user review period. Please give us your feedback.